T-Mobile 5G&me Experience: 
5G&me, was built as an immersive experience center in Bellevue Washington, showcasing how 5G wireless technology will transform our world and daily lives. Through interactive environments and applications visitors will experience how a nationwide 5G network will change how we live, work, and play.
My Role and Contributions
As one of the Experience Designers involved from the early stages of construction through to the grand opening, my role encompassed a wide range of responsibilities. From conducting engaging tours with internal engineers and business clients to immersing them in the captivating features of the space, I ensured an unforgettable experience.
Conceptualizing and crafting compelling narratives was at the heart of my work. By weaving together interactive elements and thoughtful design, I helped bring the vision to life and created an environment that left a lasting impression. This involved meticulously implementing and rigorously quality-assuring each component to ensure a seamless and immersive experience for visitors.
Once the space was unveiled, I took on the role of leading guided tours. I had the privilege of showcasing the innovative features and benefits to Fortune 500 business clients, internal teams, and esteemed partners. By providing a captivating and informative journey, I fostered meaningful connections and reinforced the value of the space to each visitor.
Throughout the entire process, my dedication to excellence and attention to detail were paramount. By combining my expertise in experience design, storytelling, and interactive implementation, I played a pivotal role in creating an extraordinary and memorable experience for all who stepped foot into the space.

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